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#A1 The Bogolyubsky Virgin

Silver Plated
Highlights in Brass (Possibly 24K Gold)
5 x 5.5 in. 12.5x13.5cm.

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The Bogolyubsky Virgin

#A1 The Bogolyubsky Virgin
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The oldest icon of the Bogolyubsky Virgin was commissioned in 1157 AD by Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky when he was moving from Wyshogrod to Wlodimir. He had a vision of Our Lady, holding a parchment roll in her right hand, who asked him to take a painting of her to Wlodimir.

An Orthodox church and monastery were built in Wlodimir, and Prince Bogolyubsky then commissioned icon painters to portray his vision. In icon paintings of the Bogolyubsky Virgin, Our Lady is holding a roll in her right hand, and her left hand is turned towards the Savior in a gesture of prayer.

In 1771, a holiday was established in honor of this icon celebrating the anniversary of the Black Plague's end in Wlodimir.

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