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#A40 The Pochayov Virgin

Hand Painted
Silver Plated
24K Gold Gilt Halos and Highlights
9.2 x 10.8 in. 23x37 cm.

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Eleusa type

#A40 The Pochayov Virgin
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Icon #A40 is known by various names - The Pochayov Icon of the Mother of God, The Potchaev (or Potchiv) Virgin.

This is an Eleusa type icon and resides in the monastery in Potchaev, Ukraine. It was brought from Cargrad to Anna Gojska's property by the Metropolitan Neofit.

On his way through Wolyn the Metropolitan stayed at the monastery in Urli near Pochaev. Anna Gojska, the ruler of the region, invited him to stay at her place. Before leaving, Metropolitan Neofit blessed his hospitable hostess with this icon. She put the icon in her private chapel.

The members of Anna's family were the first to see the miraculous revelation of this icon. They noticed unusal light around the icon. Soon Anna was to witness a miracle. Her brother, blind since birth, recovered his sight after long prayers before the icon. Anna thought she was unworthy of possessing this icon and gave it to the monastery in Pochaev.

The icon is painted in Byzantine style of the Eleusa type. The Mother of God is holding up Jesus with her right hand. Jesus is blessing with his right hand, and his left hand is on his mother's shoulder with face close to her. Mary is gazing into the distance knowing the life that is to come for Jesus. She is holding Jesus's robe with her left hand.

Around the icon there are picture of Saints. Prophet Elias and St. Mina are on the left. First martyr archdeacon Stefan and St. Awramij are on the right. On the bottom border are St. Paraskieva, St. Catherine, and St. Irena. Cherubrim grace the corners.

The inscriptions are in Church-Slavonic language.

In 1678 the monastery of Pochaev escaped destruction by Turkish invaders thanks to prayers before this icon. The Holiday associated with this icon is September 8.

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