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#A59 Wall Crucifix

Silver Plated Cross
Wood-carved Christ figure extending 1.5 inches (6 cm) from silver cross
Silver cross backed by stained wood .75 inch (3 cm) thick
14 x 22.4 in 35x56 cm.

Crucifix Crosses

#A59 The Crucifix (Wall)
#A59 Wall Crucifix
24K Gold Gild Highlights

#A59 The Crucifix (Wall)
#A59 Wall Crucifix
Gold "INRI" Letters

On the left arm of #A59 is St. Matthew with the Angel. The right arm shows St. John with the Eagle. The scenes of St. John and St. Matthew emphasize the "heavenly" field of interest.

On the top arm is the Rising Jesus with the angel as well as Mary Magdalene and the empty tomb of Christ.

On the bottom arm you can see the Empty grave of Jesus as well as the Crucifixion cross of Golgotha; (the skull at the bottom of the cross signals the redemption of the first Adam by the blood of Christ). In the distance are the Jerusalem stone walls.

The figure of Christ is stained hand carved wood extending beyond the cross.

The crosses are constructed as a 1/4" (0.6 cm) metal plate with a 3/4" (1.9 cm) stained wood backing, making the Crucifix relatively light in weight.

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