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    In April 1001 the Count of Ariano, along with his court, was hunting in a huge forest that in present times would stretch from Irpinia to Gargano. The group of hunters had found the shelter for the night in a hut when the forest was suddenly illuminated by a mysterious light.

    The court escaped. Only the count himself and a peasant named Strappascappa had the courage to approach the mysterious source of light. There they saw a splendid Lady. It was the Madonna, who indicated to them a tree in which they would find a very ancient icon of the Madona hidden in the forest during iconoclastic persecutions (726 - 787 AD).

    The Madonna ordered the count of Ariano to build a modest and bare chapel that should become splendid thanks to the grace eminating from the icon.

    The peasant Strappascappa wanted to donate his poor cup to make an oil lamp in the church. Today on the place of the Madonna's appearance stands a santuary where pilgrims ask to be oiled with the peasant's lamp.

    Finally, the images shown below represent the Madonna in a crown as her icon was placed in the tree.

#A44 The Crowned Virgin of Olmo
#A44 Virgin of Olmo
6.8 x 8.4" 17x21cm
Silver Plated
Gold Crowns

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