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#A55SR The Ostra Brama Virgin - Vilnius
Icon S55SR
"Ostra Brama" Virgin of Vilnius
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    This magestical icon, A55SR, measures 39.2 x 46.6 in (98 x 118 cm).

    Replicating the historical Ostra Brama icon, the metal cover swings to the right revealing a full painting underneath. The dark red cloth background replicates the historical icon as well. The lower of the two crowns on the cover is a separate attachment, also replicating such an addition to the original icon.

    The cover is made from a copper base that has been silverplated. There are extensive areas of 24K gold that have been hand electroplated onto the silver cover. And the cover has been adorned by hundreds of items: Lazarus stones (synthetic), Rubies (synthetic), Emerald (natural). Sapphire (synthetic), Turquoise, Aquamarine, Great blue crystal, Milky white amber, Cognac colored amber, Lemon-milky amber, Dark amber, Cultured pearls, and Svarowski (Austrian) red crystals.

    The icon is surrounded by an handcarved oak frame inlaid with decorative metal trim. Angels similar to those on the upper crown provide additional accents to the icon.

    The full painting is attached to a thick wood board. The swinging oklad cover is then secured to the wood board backing. The decorative wood frame is applied around the wood backing board, painting, and swinging cover.

    A Cotton velvet is applied to the backing board.

    Icon A55SR is an elaborated version of A55S. The price of Icon A55SR is plus shipping and transportation, formal entry charges (through an import agent), customs duties ($0 at present under GSP treatment), plus sales tax if required.

    To begin the process of specifying and ordering this large icon, please contact

    Finally, it would be possible for you to order directly through the icon maker rather than using The Silver Icon as an intermediary.


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#A55SR The Ostra Brama Virgin - Vilnius - Open Cover
#A55SR Ostra Brama Vilnius
Swinging Cover is Open to Reveal Full Painting Underneath

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    The oklad cover swings to the right to reveal the full painting underneath. This replicates the operation of the historical Ostra Brama icon

    Hinges and latch are custom designed by the icon maker and are secured to the wood backing.

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#A55SR The Ostra Brama Virgin - Vilnius - Top Part of Cover
#A55SR Ostra Brama Vilnius
Top Part of Oklad Cover

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#A55SR The Ostra Brama Virgin - Vilnius - Bottom Part of Cover
#A55SR Ostra Brama Vilnius
Bottom Part of Oklad Cover

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#A55SR The Ostra Brama Virgin - Vilnius - Study for Crown
#A55SR Ostra Brama Vilnius
Lower Crown (Study)

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    188 stones:
    1/16" - 3/32" (1.5 - 2 mm) in equal quantities throughout icon:
    Inside flowers middle part of robe in equal quantities:
    1. Lazarus stones (synthetic)
    2. Rubies (synthetic)
    3. Emerald (natural)
    4. Sapphire (synthetic)

    5. Turquoise:
    One oval in higher crown;
    Two round 5/16" (8 mm) to cover the fixing screws on both sides of the lower crown;
    Four 1/4" (6 mm) on lower crown as central part of flowers
    6. Aquamarine:
    Great blue transparent crystal on lower crown;
    Note: blue is color denoting Virgin Mary

    7. Twelve 9/32" (7 mm) pieces of milky white amber in stars on rays;
    Note: milky (clear plus cloudly, white and yellow amber; such amber denotesthe Heavens in Latvian iconography and is associated with healing)
    8. Great Upper Crown Oval:
    Cognac colored amber, oval shaped, with sparkles (air bubbles) and special items (twigs, leaves, bugs) inside
    9. Additional large pieces of amber similar to #8 distributed in icon
    10. Additional 150-200 pieces of lemon-milky amber 5/32" (4 mm) throughout icon
    11. Pieces of 1/4" (6 mm) lemon-milky amber
    12. Cultured white pearl 7/16" (11.5 mm) on top of upper crown.
    13. Cultured river pearls 3/32" x 3/16" (4 x 8 mm) of irregular shape (not perfectly curved) intermixed with turquoise on one of the necklaces
    14. Many Svarowski (Austrian) red crystals on both upper and lower crowns
    15. Lower crown: dark amber buttons 5/32" (4 mm)
    16. Gown is decorated by round amber buttons
    Crytals, stones, gems, pearls, and amber (et al) above secured with metal settings or by industrial glue.
    Extensive 24 Karat Gold gilding on Oklad applied electrolytically by hand

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#A55SR The Ostra Brama Virgin - Vilnius - Wood Frame
#A55SR Ostra Brama Vilnius
Wood Frame

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    The frame was made with oak dried five years. The icon maker drew the design plan and made the first cut. Then a folk sculpture master did the rest of the carving.

    The wood was smoothed, then stained and dried especially to highlight the oak wood design

    Finally, the frame was carefully polished by hand with 3-5 wax coats.

    The frame is inlaid with a silver patterend border, including 6 angels of the same design as on the upper crown. The angels, silver border, and wood frame can be seen in the detail image below.

    The silver patterened border also has 20 amber buttons 3/4" (20 mm) in diameter.

#A55SR The Ostra Brama Virgin - Vilnius - Wood Frame Detail
#A55SR Ostra Brama Vilnius
Detail of Wood Frame

#A55SR The Ostra Brama Virgin - Vilnius - Painting
#A55SR Ostra Brama Vilnius
Painting Setting Within Wood Frame

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    The painting is on wood board covered by bone glue then linen. This surface was then painted in gesso with oil and allowed to dry several weeks. The surface was then hand polished. Finally, the surface was sealed with semi-transparent acrylic materials.

    The painting's design follows the original.

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