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    The first icons by St. Luke were paintings. As icons became sanctioned in early Byzantine times (after 312 AD with the rule of Constantine), the icons often were utilized in outside ceremonies and traveled from city to city. Icon covers (oklad) were used to protect the icon painting, first from travel and from touch and kissing by the faithful.

    But even in early Byzantine times, oklad covers became elaborated to enhance and focus attention on the icon painting underneath.

    Examples of such elaboration can be seen in many of the oklad cover icons offered by the Silver Icon. For example, one type of elaboration was in the representation of multiple Figures and Scenes in the oklad cover.

    Other such elaboration is reflected in the intricate Enamelling and Metalworking of the oklad covers.

    In addition,Crystals and Amber have also been used to simulate the sparkling of precious gems.

    On a special order, jewels, semi-precious stones, crystals, and amber can be added be added to "A" icons. Two examples are shown below The object of this page is to show icons that have real jewels, and this is shown in two cases below:

#A55SR The Ostra Brama Virgin - Vilnius
#A55SR Ostra Brama Vilnius
98x118cm 39.2 x 47.2"
Handpainted, Silver Plated,
Gold, Lazarus, Rubies,
Emerald, Sapphire,
Turquoise, Aquamarine,
Crystals, Pearls,
Extensive Ambers
Dark Red Velvet
Handsculptured Oak Frame
Full Painting; Swinging Cover

#A55SR The Ostra Brama Virgin - Vilnius
#A55SR Ostra Brama Vilnius - Detail
#A55S The Ostra Brama Virgin - Vilnius
#A55S Ostra Brama Vilnius
39.2 x 46.6" 98x118cm
Handpainted, Silver Plated, Gold, Semi-precious Stones, Crystals, Amber, Turquoise, Cotton Velvet, Handsculptured Oak Frame

#A55S The Ostra Brama Virgin - Vilnius Detail
#A55S Ostra Brama Vilnius - Detail

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